5 Most Effective Ways of Online Advertising

In 2017, internet-advertising revenue got to $31bn, which was better as compared to what $9 billion achieved in 2010. This write-up focuses on the five most effective ways of online advertising.

1.    Websites and Blogs

If you want to have a successful advertising, then, a blog or website is the best way to go. Most online advertising is made in a way to drive traffic to your website. Most people using the internet find it convenient when deciding on the best products they would like to purchase. Blogs and websites are here to stay, as they are an everlasting shop window available throughout the year.

Having a blog or website does not mean you will have a large following. You need to be clear about the blog’ purpose to succeed in the advertising world.

2.    Social Media Websites

YouTube and Facebook are focused on increasing their advertising revenue. They are the leading social media websites that provide information about their advertising possibilities.


Facebook gives you the opportunity to test out text-based ads and simple images. It suggests that any company putting up an advertisement on Facebook can

  • Publicize an event such as product launch or anniversary
  • Advertise their own web page
  • Create demand for their own products by creating relevant adverts


Payment is then made by either “pay per click” or by “impression”. It’s possible to create a daily adjustable budget.


    You Tube

You Tube provides a host of resources like “how to” guides and advertisers that will guide you on the best way to run a first and successful marketing campaign.

Recently, Twitter came out to say they have introduced a platform where people could place self-serve ads.

3.    Banners and Display Advertising

The first major method used for online advertising used to be banner ads or display banners. 6 years ago, their use dropped significantly to around 23% as keyword or pay per click became the predominant force.

Display banners are still used for reinforcing a brand or special offers. Banner ads appear on websites and serve as a direct link to the advertiser’s website. Their popularity is because they can be produced easily.

4.    Keyword Advertising or Pay Per Click (PPC)

This is the best advertising method so far and it has been growing at a remarkable rate. Pay Per click is advantageous as you only pay for the actual click in the site.

5.    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With the increase of companies wanting to advertise their products online, there has been a need for organizations to get traffic to their websites. An SEO is a long-term strategy that needs maximum attention.

On another hand, ensure to be careful whenever you get into online advertising.












































































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